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Boaz I'm a software developer, working at a small company in the Netherlands. Currently I'm mostly using techniques like .NET, C#, SQL and jQuery, but I have experience with JAVA and PHP as well.

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way.

The first question that comes to mind when creating a blog is off course why? But that is not the question I'm gong to answer, not now any way, maybe I'll get back to that later. This blog should be mostly technical and that is where this series is about.

First of all, to start blogging I needed to choose a blogging application. At first I started with Blogger but soon I realized, I am a technician, I have my own domain and I'm not even hosting my own blog?

So the next step was to search for the proper application, should it be WordPress like any other blog uses? No, I prefer an ASP.NET solution. And then I stumbled upon DasBlog. DasBlog seemed good to me, and hey Scott Hanselman is using it too!

I decided to install DasBlog and see for my self if it will work. And guess what? It does! But not without some trouble at first.

I uploaded the files, made the required security changes and visited the url. But it didn't work and gave me a very helpful *cough* "System.Security.SecurityException". I'm hosting my site at SoHosted for years now and I'm a very satisfied customer. I knew SoHosted only allows applications running in medium-trust, and I read before I started that DasBlog does run under medium-trust, so what is the problem? After searching for a while and almost giving up  I finally found the solution in this post. I commented out the system.diagnostics  section in the web.config and ta-da it worked!

Probably coming up in Part 2: The design. Because at the time I write this post the blog looks a bit to general. But I warn you on beforehand, I'm a technician and not (and I repeat) NOT a designer!

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